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Last night Rihanna and Eminem rocked the MTV Movie Awards with a performance of their hit “Monster,” effectively getting the world psyched for their upcoming summer tour. It’s been 4 years since the pair graced the MTV stage together, as they last opened the MTV VMAs in 2010. But fans can expect to see more of the duo on the road this summer!

See the full video of the performance below the cut. Plus check out photos from the performance here!



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"It’s fucked up ain’t it
How we can come from
Practically nothing to being
able to have any fucking thing
That we wanted. That’s why we
Sing for these kids who don’t have
A thing, except for a dream and
A fucking rap magazine, who post
Pin up pictures on there walls all
Day long, idolize all their favorite
Rappers and know all their songs
or for anyone who’s ever been
Through shit in their lives so
They sit and cry at night, wishin
They’d die until they throw on a
Rap record, and they sit & they
Vibe. Were nothing to you but
Were fucking shit in their eyes"

Sing For The Moment (via slimm-shvdy)

  • @scarlettkisses: listening to eminem makes me feel like i can beat anyone up.




No one should ever feel like suicide is an option
No one should ever feel that harming themselves is an answer
No one should ever feel starving themselves is the key to beauty
No one should have to suffer alone
Message the project smile team at
We care about you all, your all so beautiful and special to us and we care I promise you it’s going to be okay keep smiling and remember your not alone


miranda kerr and adriana lima on We Heart It.


~ Crazy ~ su We Heart It.

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